Working out at home with a new baby.

I only know how to workout with a baby.

I can’t advise you on how to fit your exercise in around work or even around your social life (as i don’t really have one lol)

But I can tell you my 3 top tips for getting it done with a brand new baby in tow.


To this day, this is a rule to live and die by. It is the ONLY reason I ever successfully get my workout done. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I ever put on is my workout clothes. I stay in these all day until I have done my exercise, whether it’s low intensity cardio or resistance, whether I do it at 7am or 9pm.

If I am dressed in activewear I am positively displaying my mindset, I am READY TO GO. If baby is happy or baby naps, I am ready in that split second to drop to floor and burpee. If I had to go and get changed before I could begin, I would talk myself out it every time.

Invest in some decent, low key activewear that you feel presentable in. something that you can be seen on the school run in, or answering the door to visitors in. My staples are heavy duty thick black leggings and lots of loose fitting jersey tops… It’s comfy for playing with baby, full coverage for modesty ( ie: containing and covering breastfeeding boobs and the post baby jelly belly)  and personally it gives me a kinda superhero vibe that at any second I can change from ordinary new mum to my multitasking fitness alter ego and passersby will be none the wiser.


You are not in charge of your fitness schedule… Your baby is. I spent 6 weeks before ‘officially’ starting the BBG workout program stressing.  Worrying.  Beating myself up, trying to get my baby to cooperate when I wanted to work out. If I planned to workout during morning nap, my baby would refuse to sleep. If I planned to do it once James got home from work so that he could take over with baby, my baby would want to cluster feed and would need me from 6pm until 12.

I learned pretty quickly I have to get my baby’s permission to do my exercise and quite often, if I ask her… Baby says NO. My solution is this. Concentrate only on making baby happy, settled and give her all your attention. As soon as I would even think about fitting a workout in, my baby would sense my concern and cling to me, but if I focus on her without distraction she is content and happy and 1000 times more likely to sleep and sleep well. All of this allows for a far more generous mood when allowing me sometime to get on my mat. This is also where tip no.1 comes into play big time. As soon as baby says ‘yes’ – and by that I mean settles nicely in her bouncer or jumperoo, goes down nicely for a nap, or is fascinated with a new toy and content to amuse herself…. You are ready to go, without any reason to stop and think. So GO!


Getting results (in my opinion) is firmly routed in continued, purposeful effort. It is NOT about doing the hardest version of each exercise as quickly as possible. Results come from properly moving your muscles for the entire specified time. It doesn’t matter if you are doing push ups on your knees or jump lunges without the jumps.  If you are working to your maximum it doesn’t matter what difficulty the exercise is.

Modify the exercises so they are achievable. Remember, you’ve just had a baby so the likelihood is that you won’t be able to do sit-ups and straight leg jackknifes or even skipping.. But that’s fine. Do smaller movements like crunches and one leg raises and star jumps until you rebuild some strength it will all come back quicker than you think with a little patience and a lot of consistency. But whatever exercise you do, do it well, do it with control and do it with maximum effort.

If you are half way through a timed circuit and along come 20 burpees and you immediately want to quit because everything in your body is screaming you can’t do any more! Pick an exercise from the circuit list you CAN do, one that mentally doesn’t seem as bad and do that until the buzzer goes. Do whatever it takes to keep moving. There is plenty of time to perfect the circuits and to get better at the exercises, but for now just do what you are able to. Never let failure be an option, be smarter than that! Small achievable goals will add up to a pretty huge transformation in the end, but you have to work to YOUR own capabilities, fight for every single rep and just keep moving to begin with.


3 thoughts on “Working out at home with a new baby.

  1. Thank you so much for this and thank you for writing this blog. I can’t wait to read everything you will be sharing! And thank you for reminding me that baby makes the rules! With 10 month old twins I need to remind myself EVERY day this so I’m so happy you said it! Love everything about this and thanks for sharing the food diary as well! Xo


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