What I eat in a week – 6 day food Diary


The questions I most frequently get asked above all others are…

What kind of food do you eat?

What do you typically eat in a week?

What kind of diet do you follow?

While I am not a nutritionist and cannot give any advice on what you should or should not be eating in order to maintain a healthy body, I can happily share the things I eat.  What works for me.  The number of times I eat a day and how I implement an easy fuss free approach to clean eating.

My 3 Clean Eating Go To Guidelines.

  1. Nothing with sugar as an added ingredient.
  2. No processed food.
  3. An average week should be 90% clean and 10% treats ( roughly half a day)

I eat all food groups and a lot of carbs.  I don’t count calories or macros but I am mindful about what I’m eating and make a conscious effort to plan my week, and balance my days.  I try and eat at least 5 times a day sometimes 6 including snacks.  I never eat my evening meal  early.  It will always be after 7pm once my baby is in bed and James is home from work. That’s just the way it works in my house.  I don’t plan carbs around workouts and if I really really really want something I have it, because deprivation just leads me to a slippery slope called, ‘go crazy and eat everything in the house, then go to shop and buy some more’.

I’m not perfect, I mess up my nutrition all the time. I was on and off the wagon more times than I can count, but I never let myself think that one slip up meant I was finished. Success after all, is defined by how we rise, not how we fall.

I’m pretty comfortable with clean eating now, so my struggles these days, usually come from managing to take on enough food on busy days.  Its still a work in progress and some days I’m better at it than others. But that’s ok.

So, If I was being perfect, this is My Food Diary.   It shows you 6 ‘clean’ days. I’ve purposely omitted Sunday as there is always a flexible day in my week.  A day when I have no meals planned, I will eat intuitively and I will enjoy my treats without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.



19 thoughts on “What I eat in a week – 6 day food Diary

  1. Very helpful think I might try eating a little bit more now!! Just wandered I stick to 6 days a week healthy eating and have one day where I eat what I want but I literally binge on that day which is bad as the next day im about 3lbs heavier and takes me a few days to get back to normal again!! On ur day off do u just have a few treats or do like me?! I need to stop but I’m all or nothing I can ether be so good or soooo bad once I start eating treats I don’t stop till I feel sick 😬😬🙈🙈 xxx also where in the uk can u get those square bars from they look so yummy?


    1. thank you so much. I try and allow myself roughly half a day to eat what i like it, stops me from binge eating all day long and lets me make more measured choices and pick what i really really want to eat. if you do end up having a bad eating day don’t dwell on it, counteract it as soon as possible with lots and lots of water and nutrient dense food and you’ll find you wont hold on to that 3lbs for very long. Squarebars are amazing i get mine shipped directly from squarebars themselves xx

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    1. Hi Lisa! I didn’t follow her plan but I used it for reference and to educate myself about portion sizes and food groups etc. For the first 18 weeks when I was trying to lose weight I was eating around 1500/1600 calories per day, once I knew I didn’t want to get any slimmer I aimed to eat around 1800/2000 cals per day (at a guess) . Xx I plan to write a longer list about my journey with food through breastfeeding, trying to lose weight and then trying to build muscle so hopefully I’ll be able to answer you more fully through that xxx


  2. Hi!! One question… How do you make your protein shake, with milk, water, almond milk..?? Thanks! You are our inspiration! Congrats on everything you’ve got!☺️😘


  3. Hi, Great blog…. I do however have a question on your carb portion sizes. Especially the oats you have in the morning… Is it half a cup, or less, or more?


    1. Hi angela and thank you. the truthful answer is i never measure. i go by intuition. i don’t like the anxiety that comes along with measuring or weighing food or counting calories or macros it doesn’t fit with my personality type. if i am being good i go with roughly a handful if i’m hungry i just pour it straight out of the bag into the bowl and balance out my other meal portions accordingly. breakfast in particular my oats is my favourite meal of the day so i give myself free reign to eat according to how i feel, the other meals in the day i’m not as bothered about so making them a little smaller in size to compensate for a bigger breakfast is fine by me. i also like to tell myself that so long as my food is whole, nutritious healthful food i can eat whatever whenever, which is why i eat so often. i love to graze! it motivates me to eat good food because i know it comes with no real restrictions.


    1. Hi Alison I’ve checked the link on both iPhone and laptop and it’s al ok this end. If you still arrant able to access it leave me your email address and I can forward it to you as its just a word document xx


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  5. Hi! I’ve just discovered you and your blog via Instagram. I have been looking for inspiration following a terrible week of serious binging (mood related). Your words really helped in that I just need to drop the guilt (that can easily lead to further bad choices!) and chug some water and just eat good food again. Your Easter post was great, so relatable! Sugar is my biggest downfall and I think I’m going to try managing it again with dark choc as I know this helps me. I find it interesting how many carbs you eat as I’ve always worried about those. But I’m desperately trying to find balance so think your approach makes such sense. Anyway, that was quite the ramble! You look fabulous but I also love your attitude and it’s great to find someone not existing on fruit and salad 😉


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