How to plan for a week of successful workouts

I always start my week with a plan.  I bought myself a diary that I love and every Sunday I steal away for five minutes to set my intentions and schedule my workouts for the week.   I write which activity I plan to do each day and then I will tick each one off once it is complete.  Making a date in the diary for my workouts makes such a big difference, its like once its in writing is an official commitment and its so much harder to cancel on myself.

“Think of your workouts as important meetings scheduled with yourself….

Bosses don’t cancel.”

If like me you use a ‘to do list’ everyday, write your workout on that list too.  I write it at the very top so that it’s hard to ignore and it visually reminds me that it is a priority.

If you looked in my diary; as a general rule, this is what my planned weeks activity looks like.

Monday               –              Legs (BBG guide 28min home workout)

–              LISS  ( 40min dog walk with Maddie in the baby carrier)

Tuesday               –              LISS (40min dog walk with Maddie in the baby carrier)

Wednedsay         –              Arms (BBG guide28 min home workout)

Thursday             –              HIIT (15min home workout)

–             LISS (30min walk to school with my son)

Friday                   –             Abs (BBG guide 28 min home workout)

Saturday              –              Rehabilitation (stretching)

Sunday                 –              REST day.

I am currently on BBG 3.0 and my 4th round, so my level of activity reflects this.

If however, you are on just starting out  with BBG 1.0 you will want to plan for 3 resistance sessions per week and 2-3 LISS sessions.  You do NOT need to incorporate HIIT into your training at the beginning of BBG1.  The guide recommends we add 1 x HIIT to the schedule from week 9 onwards.

I always look through the guide or SweatWithKayla app in advance, to see what training is required for the week ahead.  On weeks where the BBG guide includes a 4th resistance Full Body training session or one of the many challenges (such as the 1000 rep challenge), my schedule changes to this.

Monday               –              Legs (BBG guide 28min home workout)

–               LISS (40min dog walk with Maddie in the baby carrier)

Tuesday               –              LISS (40min dog walk with Maddie in the baby carrier)

Wednesday         –              Arms (BBG guide 28min home workout)

Thursday             –              Abs (BBG guide 28min home workout)

–              LISS (30min walk to school with my son)

Friday                  –              Full body/challenge (BBG guide home workout)

Saturday              –             HIIT (15min home workout)

Sunday                 –             Rehab / Rest

I always try and get my resistance training done during the week even when there are 4 of them instead of 3.  Resistance workouts are my most important weekly activity and I rarely leave them until the weekend.   Weekends are family time and I know that having James and the children and I all home together will give me the perfect excuse not to workout.  So I make sure I set myself up to succeed.  By completing them in the week I don’t give myself any opportunity to cancel on one of those workouts.

If life is busy and something’s got to give, for me it’s always HIIT.  Out of all the activities I schedule in to my week, if I HAVE to ( and I mean HAVE to) cancel one of them, then the 15 minute high intensity workout is the one I would forgo.  I like to stick to my LISS as I have found that it is crucial for burning the most fat and I feel at my leanest when I am consistently hitting at least 3 LISS sessions a week.

On the subject of LISS, I normally schedule 3 LISS sessions into my workout week as this is my minimum expectation for myself, but I very often do more than that.  I don’t purposefully do it, nor do I do it because I think it improves my results.  My LISS is walking my dog Loki.  He is a husky and by nature demands a lot of exercise.  The amount of LISS I do depends on his schedule and his daily needs.  I walk him most days; James will do it when he can. Some days are long walks, other days are short trips around the block.  On Thursdays and Fridays we also walk my son Charlie to school which takes around 30mins.  I still count it as LISS but really its just life and getting from A to B in the manner we were built to do it in… walking.  Whilst it’s common knowledge overtraining can be detrimental to your fitness goals.  I personally don’t believe that you can ever walk too much. So if I have the opportunity to walk somewhere instead of taking the car I will and if I can take my dog with me too and cross off a LISS session at the same time, then even better.

So in summary my top tips for planning a week of successful workouts are:

  • Put pen to paper – whether it’s on your calendar, in your diary, or on your to do list. WRITE THEM DOWN.  If you can commit to an actual time slot  – even better.
  • Be prepared.  Look up the weeks training requirements before you begin your week.  You don’t want to get caught out with an extra resistance session that you hadn’t planned for.
  • Have a plan A and plan B. schedule your activity as if its going to be a perfect week, but know how you are going to reorganise if its not.
  • Make LISS everyday life.  If you can sneakily get an unexpected LISS session in by just a walk to the shops, you are already ahead on your workouts and are more likely to meet all your training requirements should things get messy later on in the week.

I hope this helps some of you with planning your workouts.  Even though we are all trying to do the same amount of activity we all have very different lives to fit it in to, so I appreciate my way of doing things may not work at all for you, but I always find, that seeing someone else’s plan is a great way of getting ideas for my own.

On that note, let me know how you set up your workout week.  Maybe it will inspire me to do things a bit differently.  It’s always great to change things up and keep your body guessing as to what’s coming next.





13 thoughts on “How to plan for a week of successful workouts

  1. I think I’m a little confused with Kaylas BBG 1.0. I have it downloaded and know that it only gives Monday and Wednesday circuits, so in-between am I meant to be doing LISS and HIIT like you are? If so – where can I find activities that fall into those categories? So sorry for all the questions!! It’s a great blog post btw and I LOVE Your diary where is it from? (sorry another question)


    1. Hi lexi! Don’t worry those are great questions! – yes the BBG gives three workouts for Monday Wednesday and Friday – at the bottom of Mondays leg workout page the guide should tell you that on Tuesday you do LISS (low intensity steady state cardio ) at the bottom of Wednesday’s page it will say to do liss on Thursday and the same for Friday. BBG 1 recommends you do 3 X resistance and 2-3 LISS per week. It also recommends 1 X HIIT session per week once you reach week 9 (this is talked about in the first few informational pages of the guide xx I hope this makes sense and helps! LISS is basically walking at a steady pace for anything over 30mins ideally 35-45 mins. For HIIT lots of girls do sprints in the treadmill but as I workout at home I use full body workouts that are designed to keep your heart rate high. Try looking up #lisasweatyhiit on Instagram she does lots of different ones xxx oh and my diary is from lorna jane xx


  2. I am due to go on mat leave mid June and am planning on picking up BBG again (i got to week 9 pre pregnancy) from the beginning once i get the ok from the doc once baby is born.

    Your schedule looks great and i will be following that while i am off but my concern is more about when i return to work after 6 months mat leave. My job is pretty full on and half the time i just did LISS at the gym in my lunch hour and left most of the resistance stuff until the weekend but like you said, if you leave it till the weekend it’s harder to fit it in around family.

    Do you have any plans for if/when you return to work?


    1. Hi Jo thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy you found my schedule useful. You are right though it’s geared towards my lifestyle as a stay at home mum. If it was me and I was returning to work I would definitely be following in the footsteps of some very successful BBG working mums.. (I can put you in touch with them if that helps). Who operate on the philosophy that if life is busy at both ends ie: work and family, it is easier to create an extra 30 mins in your day to workout, rather than try and fit a 30 min workout into an already jam packed day. So if it is possible it would be my preference to get up half an hour earlier, than I need to and before my kids are awake and have that time to myself to workout. My good friend Amy (@burpees_and_braids on IG) leaves for work at 7am everyday so she wakes at 5.45 and gets her workout done before all the household morning traffic starts. As I said if it were me that would definitely be my preference over doing it late at night, on lunch breaks or on weekends but maybe if early workouts are challenging a combination of all 3 would be a good approach. A couple of earlys, a couple of lunch breaks and the occasional weekend, (maybe every other?) xxx hope this helps xxc


  3. Hi there Reese, Thank you so much for this! I’m trying to up my workout schedule for the next 12 weeks, can you tell me where can I find the FULL Body workouts you use on a Friday? Or do you make them up? I do t have the app only the e-books. thx so much xx


  4. Hi Nikki-
    I love your blog (and your IG…and your snapchat!). I was wondering what planner you are using?
    Thank you for being such a fabulous inspiration to me and so many others!

    Have a great week,


  5. Hi lovely how are yo
    First of all thank you for sharing your experience with us all
    Thanks to your post I decided not to give up on my week 3 that was looking baaaaad due to moving houses! Thanks!
    I wanted to ask you about the challenges
    I have a pdf a friend shared with me (I know, naughty but in south America we don’t have the same income than other countries! :/ ) anyway, in the odd doesn’t say anything about the I find them only in the app or in the guides? I only have the bbg guide 1.0 and the revised version of it too.
    Thanks for your help in advance


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