Missed workouts. When to stop, start or start over.


Did you miss a workout? Or have you missed a week? Lets talk about how you come back from a break.

I’ve been asked recently what I would do if I missed a workout?  Would I continue on regardless, or would I redo the whole week from the beginning.

Similarly I have also been asked what I would do if I had to take break from the program due to illness, if I had to go on holiday or if I had to take a significant break (say a few months) away from BBG?

If you had asked me these questions during my first round of BBG, I would have given you a completely different answer than I’m going to give you now.

I truly believed that if I missed a workout back then, I would have to, not just repeat a week, but actually start the whole program all over again.  I believed that to get results in as little as 3 months you had to be perfect. How ridiculous!  So I’m really happy that I get to address these questions now, after I have experienced the guide as a lifestyle rather than just a 12 week quick fix.

Missing one workout.

So you’ve had a crazy busy week, you’ve been working late most nights or the kiddos have been sick and needing all your energy and attention.  You’ve tried super hard to get your workouts in and by some miracle got 2 out of 3 of the resistance done.  The end of the week is fast approaching and realistically you know that you will not be able to complete all of your workouts.  So what should you do?

There are two obvious options to choose from…

  1. Admit defeat, but brush it off and carry on with the next week in the guide. You feel gutted, but aren’t about to let one missed workout derail your progress. But you secretly worry that you’ve cheated yourself out of being able to say you fully completed the program.
  2. You can’t live with the missed workout and the incomplete week so you repeat the whole week instead of moving on. You feel frustrated that your friends are moving forward without you and annoyed that you will take an extra week to complete the program.

Both of these are valid options and neither should make you feel negatively about your efforts or success. But actually neither of these are the right choice. Or should I say neither are the most SUCCESSFUL choice.

The best answer is secret option no.3…

Include your missed workout as part of your next weeks training schedule. Plan it in as if you are doing a 4th resistance that week.

For example, let’s say you missed the full body workout of BBG week 3.  My week 4 training schedule would look like this.

Monday:  Full body ( week 3 missed workout)

Tuesday: LISS

Wednesday: Legs and Cardio (week 4)

Thursday: Arms and Abs (week 4)

Friday: LISS

Saturday: Full body (week 4) and optional LISS

Sunday:   Rest day

This way I have completed all of the required workouts in a very workable time frame.  I’m still on track to complete the guide in 12 weeks and best of all I’m not being hard on myself, punishing myself, or allowing myself to feel like I failed for a week.  Plan for success, not for failure.

Taking a break.

Taking a break from BBG does not have to mean a break-up. Just because it works to a fairly strict schedule ( ie: a set number of workouts per week and 12 weeks to complete the guide) You should never feel like you can’t come back to program you love and a lifestyle you want to continue, just because life happened and you took some time away.  We all have to press pause at some time or another. Life is just that, life.  You can’t control every aspect of it.  It’s unpredictable and will never consistently perform to a schedule. It’s not designed that way.


I personally don’t see taking a trip as a pause.  More like ‘play in slow motion’.  There is no reason why you can’t take these workouts away with you. They are quick, they can all be modified to be done without equipment and require little space.  My preference is always to continue, but with a very easy breezy attitude towards your fitness schedule. (After all you are on vacation).

The likelihood is you will be doing lots of walking, exploring, swimming, outdoor activities etc so don’t give LISS a second thought.  Without even knowing it you are probably getting in plenty of daily activity already.

Maddie and I enjoying LISS at Disneys Epcot in Florida.

As for resistance…  Finding little opportunities to do a modified workout for 28 mins will probably allow you to relax, indulge and enjoy your holiday far more than if you pressed pause and worried the whole time you were ruining all your progress. I know for me, keeping up with those 3 sessions whilst abroad – kept me free from missed workout anxiety.  Giving me a great sense of balance and freedom to enjoy all things without guilt or negativity.

That being said if you want two weeks off, to relax, recharge and reboot, do it! Sometimes a proper break from exercise can be exactly what your body needs.  Once you return to working out your body might respond in ways better than you ever thought possible, all due to having a well earned week off.

When is a break a break–up?

Ok, so you’ve been in an inseparable relationship with BBG for 8 weeks, you were loved up, you did everything together, you planned your whole day around each other,  you cooked every meal lovingly with BBG in mind and then all of a sudden, you took a break… Maybe you went away, maybe you got sick, maybe life just threw you a curve ball and you’ve been running in a completely different direction ever since.  On your return to normality you wonder what state your relationship will be in?  Did it move on without you?  Will it be the same when you get back?  Or did your break actually turn into a BBG break-up?

At times like this you need to think of your workout schedule like the chapters of a book.

You read up to chapter 8 and enjoyed every word.  You went away and couldn’t take the book with you.  So when you get home, logically what do you do? If you were only away for a couple of weeks you would surely just pick back up at chapter 8 and carry on where you left off.  After all you can still remember the story line and are familiar with all the characters. So just carry on and enjoy what happens next.

But what if you forgot about the book altogether and 6 months passed by before you decided you wanted to read it again?  If you just went straight back in at chapter 8 you would probably struggle to remember the poignant moments and plot twists. So to fully appreciate the story you might need to start it again from the beginning.

If your break is somewhere in between 2 weeks and 6 months…  ask yourself this…

Is my body in the same condition as it was the day I pressed pause…?  

Yes…  (I’ve just been doing other exercise but continuing my fitness journey.)

For me, I would still look to carry on where I left off or maybe just revisit a couple of the weeks before.

NO… (Consistent physical activity has been scarce recently and I know I’m not as strong as I once was.)

In this instance I would need to assess what I was capable of and probably go back to the beginning safe in the knowledge that my body will remember what it learned last time and it will respond more quickly and more efficiently because of it.

Don’t be afraid of the pauses, learn how to live with them and maybe get a backup plan in place ready to press play again.  Nothing in fitness is finite. It’s never the end.  Everyday is a brand new opportunity to start again, carry on and find your own way to be amazing. Good luck!

P.S       I’m so sorry about all the different analogies … (From pressing pause to being in a relationship to reading books)…. It’s just how my brain works…. Random and unorganised :0)

Thanks for keeping up xx



11 thoughts on “Missed workouts. When to stop, start or start over.

  1. Hi, I’m currently on week 4 of my first round of BBG 1. I was just going to ask if the liss on Saturday’s are optional or if they’re really suggested? It was just unclear to me. Thanks!


    1. if my memory is correct i think the recommendation for LISS is 2-3 times per week. it doesnt matter what days you do them on but if you do it on the same day as resistance make sure they are not one after another. do them at different points in the day. LISS has been a big part of my journey and i really do believe i had such good results in the first round because i walked every opportunity i had. xxx good luck xxx


  2. Love this! I’ve been off for a couple weeks, just doing one or two workouts whereas weeks 1-6 I was on the ball!!! This seems to happen every time I hit week 6! Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂


  3. HI! Great blog! I just love it! I have completed bbg1, sort of- I did only 28 minute workouts 3 days a week. No food changes, no liss or hiit. I started it just to try and see how it would work for me. And I struggled quite a bit. My life is currently a mess in every possible segment so I literally forced myself to exercise every single time. but I did it and I finished the whole 12 weeks and was so happy about it. I could see the difference, especially in my stomach, my sixpack almost showed but since I have a few extra kilos, it wasn’t visible to anyone else (“you cannot outwork bad diet”). However, I thought that I had changed mentally and that I’ve become a different person. I decided to do bbg1 again immediately but this time with food changes and if possible other activities when I’m not working out. I started day 1 for the second time and was very disappointed that it was as hard as the first time. I forced myself through day 2 and 3 and then in the second week I just couldn’t find the strength in me to continue… It should be my 3rd week now and I feel so bad. I’ve let myself down. I just stopped and have no idea how to continue.. I realize I sound like a spoiled brat, but it’s like that. I never took any before or after photos partly because I thought I wouldn’t stick to it (!) and partly because I’m sort of embarrassed 😦
    You and your stories on instagram have been quite an inspiration for me. You look like million dollars but you sound like a great and wise person. You are amazing! (That was the whole point of this post but it kinda got out of control 🙂 sorry about that whole story, today was not a good day)
    Just keep it up!


    1. ahhhh lovely thank you soooo much! can i just say that i felt exactly the same way when i did legs week 1 round 2 – i even wrote about how hard i still found it on my instagram! you are not alone and these feelings happen to the best of us. just get up and carry on my sweet xx


  4. So happy that I found you on insta and your blog 👍🏻 Inspirational 👌🏻
    I completed bbg beginners (4 weeks) and bbg1.0 up to the hird week then I got the flu. Been in bed for almost 5 weeks 😩
    Inspired to start from the beginning again. Life happened 🙈


    1. that’s a great attitude to have! we are all going to get sick at some point of have to take a break for some reason or another, what counts is how we come back from it each and every time. xx


  5. Hello! Thank you for your article!
    I am new in this BBG community but feeling motivated as hell!
    There is just one little detail that I don’t get!

    Example (myself) : I have bought this app on Monday, ready to start the program! I have easily realized that I was not in the best conditions so I had to “pre-train” before REALLY starting this whole thing. What I have decided to do : I do the normal exercises but only 2 of the 4 circuits. I do this in order to pretrain and learn the exercises that I will have to do. I plan to start on the next Monday or maybe the one on the next week (I will see if I feel ready or not, otherwise I will do the same thing on the next week). I hope that this is clear.

    My question is : as it is a 12 weeks program, I was wondering if this is “wasting” the two first weeks. I explain myself : I have paid for these 12 weeks but how can I start of all over again? AND, obviously, will I have to pay more? I mean, does everything “stops” or “disappears” once these 12 weeks are gone?

    I hope that you will be able to answer 🙂
    Thanks in advance! And let’s do this!



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