Body after baby – my transformation.

My baby girl is 14 months old and I’ve officially been rebuilding my body for nearly 10 months.  I thought it would be a good time and a helpful personal record to look at my journey so far, to talk about my milestones and to answer in full, one of my most frequently asked questions.

“When did if first see change?”

Day one week one.

I love that I had the courage to post a my before picture at the very beginning of my Instagram account.

I was so unhappy and felt so very uncomfortable in my own skin.  At 4 months postpartum as I was a woman who was taking wonderful care of her baby but who wasn’t taking great care of herself.  I’m so grateful to my former self that I can now look right back to day 1 and see how far i have come today.

I speak to to many women who feel too embarrassed.  They think that they can’t post their before picture until they have seen some change and can couple it with and after picture that they are proud of.

For me I felt differently, I worked for change every week because this picture existed.  I didn’t want this image of myself to be all the only representation of my body.  So I fought for each and every image that came after.

Week 5

This was the first time that I felt a change and saw a change. In five short weeks I had gone from doing crunches to sit ups, I could now do 5 push-ups on my toes and I could plank for the first time since having my baby.  Physically I was starting to drop body fat,  I was exclusively breastfeeding at this point and eating around 2000 calories per day to sustain my milk, but I could still feel myself leaning out.

Week 10

image The first appearance of tummy definition.  I remember this picture so well.

I was so happy to be entering my final two weeks of BBG1.0  I felt like I had achieved more with my physical condition than I ever thought I would.

I had stopped breastfeeding and was now eating clean and consuming around 1600 calories a day.  Although I was still fairly wobbly through the tummy hips and thighs, with clean eating I was leaning out quite quickly.  I felt slim again and  I could see the front of my stomach really beginning to change.


Week 14


By week 14 I was now  two weeks into my second round of BBG1.0 and I felt stronger and firmer all over.

I was also only 4 weeks away from my Florida holiday.  I had been shopping for swimwear for the last month but this particular week  was the first time I felt confident about my body in a bikini again.



week 21image

This photograph was taken a week after I returned from my holiday.  I had eaten a varied, much higher calorie and higher fat diet whilst abroad.  I discovered that my body now, actually thrived on a lot more food.

2 weeks earlier (week 18), when looking at my progress picture, I realised I did not want to lose any more weight. I didn’t want to appear ‘skinny’.  I wanted to work on looking more, toned and more athletic.  However I knew if I continued to eat around 1600 calories a day and exercise 6 days a week, I would continue to diminish.  This was such a huge turning point for me. I continued to practice clean eating but with a slightly more relaxed approach and I consciously increased my portion sizes and the number of meals I was eating a day. (To read more about what I ate from this point onwards click here)

week 24



The end of BBG1.0 round 2.  Bye bye back fat.

This was and still is the leanest I have ever been through my lower back.

I carry a little more weight here today than I did in week 24 but that is to be expected as I have been eating a lot more calories for a much longer period of time.

Week 30


Booty gains.  6 weeks into BBG2.0.  Finally after 30 weeks of exercise and a diet of around 2000 calories a day, I was starting to see real progress regarding my derriere.  In my eyes, my body shape is beginning to change from looking slim to looking athletically curvy and I love that… and to this day, it’s what I continue to work for.

Week 36
Age 34 v Age 35

A year older, 9 months of working out, 10lbs of weight loss, a body rebuilt, a healthy and more balanced relationship with food and a lighter, lovelier, livelier way of living.  I turned 35 at the same time I completed 3 whole rounds of the BBG program ( 2 x BBG1.0 and 1 x BBG2.0) and this is by far my most favourite Eve progress picture. Turning 35 ended up being a great milestone for me.



4 weeks away from completing my first round of  BBG3.o and my 4th round of BBG in total.

I’m happily and proudly at a stage of maintenance.  Ideally I’m still working on bigger guns and still trying to build that booty, but if my body and lifestyle remain as they are today,I’m content with that.

It’s just as hard maintaining what you worked for as it was when you were building it. But it’s liberating and gratifying at the same time. Each day I earn my keep with my body is a win and I’ve never felt more successful.






33 thoughts on “Body after baby – my transformation.

  1. Great job! You look amazing and are such an inspiration! You do look great in week 20, but you are right about the booty change in week 30! That muscle tone really shows even more!💕💕


  2. Dear Nikki,thank you for this (and all other posts). They are so motivating…I am starting my first round of BBG 1.0. today,and I hope that my story will be as successful as yours 😉
    Love from Slovenia,Mateja


  3. You have such a wonderful ability to document your journey and progress in a way that motivates and inspires others. I think this blog is a great continuation of your Instagram account. Great work Nikki!


  4. Thanks for sharing Nikki you look fantastic and so inspiring to hear that you have a lovelier way of living too, I think it definitely shows! I’m at the start of my journey (week 6 BBG 1.0) I’ve just stopped breastfeeding and wondered if you saw any difference in your body shape after? I’m feeling positive about my progress but I don’t want this to be a set back and wondered if yo felt a difference.


    1. hi emma, yes i definiely think that i hold on to a layer of fat whislt breastfeeding and once i stop and all the hormones leave my body, i lose some of it naturally. stopping feeding made apositive difference to my body weight everywhere apart fom my boobs ;0)


  5. I saw all the negative comments on IG, and wanted to send you a positive one. I’m a 36 year-old mother, and my build is almost exactly the same as yours (with smaller boobs, lol), but I haven’t been quite as dedicated to BBG…yet! To me, motherhood changed me so much that having my body back is something that makes me feel like my old self. I think your progress is so inspiring and you look amazing. Not too skinny at all…just lean and strong! Keep up the amazing work. I love seeing your progress! X


    1. caroline thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. it made me so happy and reminded me why i do what i do. its good to feel like me and not just the mum xxx thank you again for you message and good luck with your fitness journey xx


  6. Wow this is very inspiring! I posted me first day of BBG too in hopes that it’ll push me to not be the same! may i ask what app you use for your collages?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nikki,

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are one of my fave people I follow on Instagram. I’m currently finishing off week 2 – the 4 x mountain climbers + 1 push up was so hard!

    I can’t wait to finish the guide and see my body change. Angie xx


  8. Hi actively reed,
    I have read all your articles and they are so inspiring!! I am on week 6 bbg 1.0 and every time I read your articles, they serve as a source of constantly motivating me to work harder!! My only issue is that I have a hard time clean eating especially at night, I end up binge eating. Any suggestions how I can overcome that?
    Precious moments in life from Instagram 😊


    1. ah thank you so much! that makes me so happy. for me im constantly on the edge of that binge eating slippery slope and i cant be trusted. so i dont deny myself anything. if i really want chocolate i have chocolate. i just don’t have too much but i tell myself that if i really want more i can go back later for more, but usually i get forget and so its no big deal. i also usually have a batch of clean chocolate rice crispie treats in the fridge in case of emergencies. my last tip would be … as soon as you have eaten your last planned meal of the day, brush your teeth, it really does mentally tell you can’t eat any more food because your teeth are already clean xxx hope this helps xxx


  9. Your blog posts are so inspirational ! You look amazing and i love how you strive for athletic/curvy vs skinny! Question: i just completed bbg 1.0 week 4 and still cant do a real push up (on my toes). how did you build up the strength? Just from bbg alone ?? Feeling a bit frustrated with myself, . I try and just flop on the ground :S thanks!!


    1. oh my goodness, im so sorry for the long overdue response! i found that the exercise in BBG are all interlinked so they all helped me build strength to do pushups without realising. lay down push ups especially helped me build up to push ups on toes, so for me it just happened naturally. i do always make an effort to try the full version of an exercise first before i modify it thay way you can see if you can do even one push up and then go to your knees and then the next time it might be two etc etc xxx


  10. I love this post! I’m also trying to get my body back after baby no 2 but can’t seem to shift a single pound whilst breastfeeding. I’m 8 weeks post partum and on week 4 of BBG and whilst I’m definitely feeling fitter and stronger The scales aren’t budging! Maybe I should up my calories a bit as I’m just following the BBG meal plan to a tee which I know is 1600 calories. I’ve never consciously eaten more than 1700 when trying to get lean (I’m 5’3″) so the thought of eating more is a bit scary!!


    1. Thats funny, i am also 8 weeks postpartum with baby #2 and just started week 5 as well! My calories are 1800-2200 and i am losing about 1 – 1.5 lbs every 2 weeks which i think is good (slow and steady). I could never do 1600 while breastfeeding full time.. I am HUNGRY! Especially that you are feeling fitter and stronger, believe in what you are doing and forget the scale for a little while. Good luck 🙂


      1. Plus i do feel like my body holds on to a layer of fat until after i am done breastfeeding.. But its tough to be patient 😬


    2. thank you so much ruth and i’m so sorry for the overdue response. my sclae hardly moved when i was breastfeeding. but like i said i was eating 200 calories so sustain my milk. when i stopped feeding i naturally lost a layer of fat from all those post pregnancy feeding hormones and then by eating clean i leaned out pretty quickly through the tummy. good luck and keep in touch xx


  11. Thanks LN! Can I ask how tall you are? I’m a shorty so always think I need less calories but I will start to up them now… I wish I was losing a pound a week, I’m stuck fast at the moment. Congratulations on your baby!! X


  12. Such an inspirational story. Tomorrow I will start my BBG program. You have convinced me. I will keep following your blog for inspiration. Kisses from Romania


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