How to Recover from an Easter Binge

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just spent 3 days at the all you can eat sugar buffet.  I was the food fanatic queuing up with my plate to get a side of chicken Korma with my chocolate.

My Easter weekend consisted of…

Steak and chips, brownies, ginger butter cream cupcakes, dark chocolate Easter eggs, milk chocolate Easter eggs, mini eggs, white chocolate Easter bunnies, pastrami and Emmenthal cheese sandwich, marshmallows, bag of Haribo, subway, prosecco, poppadoms, chicken korma, mango chutney, more chips, more chocolate.

As much as I enjoyed every second of Food Friday, Treatster Saturday and Feaster Sunday.  As a girl who lives right at the top of the highly dangerous yet ever so appealing slippery slope. I worry a lot, that if I let myself overindulge too much, for too long I will swiftly return to my old sugar addicted, meal restrictive ways.

So here are 5 simple ways I get myself back in control after a big binge.

Refocus on what you are working for.

As well as reminding myself of my usual goals. After a binge I make an effort to set a couple of news ones. In particular, something interesting or exciting and something I can work on immediately. For instance, my weekly goals are usually along the lines of, complete x amount of workouts, drink x amount of water etc etc.  While those goals are still on my to do list, when I’m rebooting my mindset after a heavy weekend or blip I like to channel my thoughts and energy into something that I find highly motivating.

This week my goal is to work on the Chaturunga (or low plank) it’s a super tough yoga plank involving tricep strength and core stability.  I’ve only just built up enough strength to hold this position so this week instead of obsessing over the leftover Easter eggs I’m focusing on perfecting it and challenging the length of time I can hold it for.   This type of goal works really well from me because it’s also keeping my mind off aesthetic goals and progress long enough to depuff and debloat!

Deal with the leftovers 

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard someone say get rid of all the sweets and junk so you can’t be tempted. And while I do like to ‘clean’ house and start my week of good intentions with a cupboard and fridge full of “yes” foods rather than the “no – don’t you dare” foods. I do make one exception to this rule.  I actually keep a small amount of treats in my house. Not hidden, not forbidden just there in the cupboard next to the quinoa.

I’m a classic version of, if you tell me I can’t have it – it’s all that I want. If I think even for a second I am being deprived my good intentions will quickly evaporate into panic junk food shopping.  So I stock my shelves with all my healthful foods and I rid my fridge of the junk but I keep a small amount of treat available to myself.  Small enough that if I eat it, it wont break the bank but just knowing its there and that I can have it if I really want it is usually enough to stop me from wanting it altogether.

Beat the bloat

If I am bloated and retaining water after all the sugar, all the carbs, all the sodium. I beat the bloat by drinking water, water, water and fuelling myself with fibre rich fruits and veggies.  Obviously try and stay away from coffee, salty food and alcohol.  But drinking water, eating whole foods and getting some good sleep will all really help flush out the body as quickly as possible.

Start the day off right.

If I am trying to get back on the clean eating wagon, I make a real effort to start my day off with a workout. By getting that daily goal ticked off first, I am far less likely to eat rubbish and undo all my hard work.  But if I do end up uncontrollably digging back in to the chocolate hopefully tip number two means the damage is minimal.

Don’t feel guilty.

Don’t try and get back into your healthy lifestyle by feeling guilty about your unhealthy weekend. 

Negativity breeds negativity and feelings of guilt can quite often mean you end up punishing yourself all week rather than building yourself back up to balance and moderation.

If you’ve over indulged, don’t overcompensate with your workouts.   Stick to your usual routine.  If you start adding in twice the amount of work to try and out train your bad diet, in essence all you are doing is using your workouts as a punishment for your poor eating.  We should have positive feelings attached to our workouts not negative ones and overloading the body with lengthy and un-enjoyable training sessions will be the opposite of motivating and will not encourage a swift return to sustainable fit lifestyle.

Don’t skip meals – just because you over ate at the weekend is no reason to under eat all week and it certainly wont do your body any good.  Eat little and often and eat well. Keep yourself full and away from hunger pangs that will have you reaching for the biscuit jar.

The sooner you get back to your normal routine the better more balanced you will feel.  So eat yourself back to health, workout because you love it and don’t feel guilty for the fun and festivities every one should get to enjoy – even the fitties!!




5 thoughts on “How to Recover from an Easter Binge

  1. I love your instagram and your blog. You are such an inspiration!! I know that you now have a half day with “treats” with your 90/10 diet. But my question is if you had a half day from the beginning where you tried to loose weight (your first 18 weeks if i remember correctly)? You said that you ate 15-1600 kcal per day but i cannot find if you were eating after 90/10 rule. Thank you for helping me with my transformation 🙂


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