My 5 favourite fuss free snacks

I am a terrible cook.

I never have a cupboard full of homemade healthy treats, I don’t meal prep and I don’t buy any fancy ingredients to make anything remotely exotic or creative. But I love to eat and I love to eat often and throughout day.

Snacking is a super important part of my daily diet. If I relied solely on 3 clean meals a day for my nutritional requirements I can guarantee one of two things would happen.

1) I get distracted by the children and busy family schedules. Forget to make myself lunch, then survive the day clean eating, starving, miserable and under eating.
2) I get busy and distracted, forget lunch. Feel starving hungry. Go straight to Sainsburys buy an entire cake. Eat entire cake. Skip dinner trying to compensate for the cake. Feel hungry again an hour later. Go buy more cake.

Because I hate cooking (especially if it’s just for me) I find it really easy to skip a meal or put off making lunch until its to late to call it lunch. But eating little and often keeps me on the straight an narrow. I eat 3 small portion meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and graze through the rest of the day with low calorie snacks that keep me full, that require no cooking, no special ingredients and although maybe boring are absolutely no bother to throw together in a couple of minutes.

Here are my 5 favourite fuss free snacks.

Note: I don’t personally count calories or macros but I thought it might be helpful for those of you that do if i gave approximate nutritional values (calculated by My Fitness Pal)

Apple slices and peanut butter.

An absolute classic. Quick, easy and my toddler loves it too.

210 calories for one small apple and a small smothering of a (no added sugar) nut butter

8g fat
18g carbs
4 protein


My all time favourite protein bar ( so much so, they now give me my own friends and family 20% discount code ACTIVELYREES feel free to use it!) Pre-packaged, its great for on the go and I happen to think it goes perfectly with a cup of tea.
210 calories

9g fat
23 carbs
12 protein

Rice cakes, banana, peanut butter and honey

This is so good it could be dessert.

168 calories for 2 wholegrain rice cakes spread with peanut butter ( I allowed for 2 teaspoons of PB) ½ banana sliced, drizzled with honey…..mmmmnnn I also like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon which is great for boosting your metabolism.

5g fat
27g carbs
3.5 g protein


Avocado toast

If you want a savoury snack, is there anything better than this?
This became one of my must have everyday snacks when Tesco started selling frozen avocado halves. I literally get one out of the freezer every morning. It’s defrosted by 11am so makes a great mid morning treat. I particularly like mine with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.

150 calories for one slice of wholemeal bread and half an avocado

8g fat
16g carbs
2.5g protein

Yogurt and crunchy granola

It may sound weird but If I’m craving something sweet this always does the trick. The creamy texture of the yoghurt and the sweet fruity granola make a great alternative to a pudding. I think it tricks my brain into thinking its had dessert.

159 calories for 100g serving

6g fat
18g carbs
6g protein

so there you have it…
Hope this was helpful and happy snacking everyone.

Nikki xx


7 thoughts on “My 5 favourite fuss free snacks

  1. Some good ideas here! I’m always trying to think of healthy, inexpensive, unprocessed snack ideas. It’s so hard to find things that don’t need some sort of prep work or that don’t need to be refrigerated when I’m on the go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa I don’t actually measure my own as I don’t count calories or macros but as a guideline the values are calculated based on 100g in total with equal parts yoghurt and granola (50g each)


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