The fit list – My current obsessions

Hey lovelies!

I have four totally amazing (totally unsponsored) things I want to tell you about that I’m currently completely obsessed with. I’m meant to post The Friday Fit List on a Friday ( would you believe) but as it turns out, I’m just not that well organised or efficient enough to guarantee a blog post for a specific day, hence the the now newly re-titled Fit List – ha!

Anyway, moving swiftly on, here’s the low down on what’s getting me materialistically  motivated to workout right now ….

Adidas Pureboost X trainers

My lovely and super handsome boyfriend James just bought me these trainers.

They’ve been at the top of my wish list since they came out and I am utterly in love.  They have this incredible floating arch, that completely wraps and supports your foot.  Its so unusual in its design and fit, I will admit my feet ached the first day that wore them as the sides of my feet just weren’t used to being so well supported.  This pain, thankfully was short lived and once I had worn them in for a day, they were indeed, just like bouncing around on clouds thanks to their BOOSTTM cushioning, energy return technology.

I think aesthetically they are super beautiful and by far the most flexible trainer I have worn which has been great for the wide variety of movements in the average BBG workout. I agonised over which pattern and colour way to buy as there are soooo many. But you can’t ever go wrong with black right?

Kayla Itsines ankle weights

Holy sweaty workout! These puppies are the real deal.  Light, cute, super comfy and stay exactly where you put them.  I have the lightest weight at 1kg but BOY do they pack an unsuspecting punch.

Apparently by adding ankle weights to your workout you can tone and shape your legs and during exercises like ab bikes and straight leg raises you can target your lower abdominals (a notoriously hard area to reach).

For me the genius of these particular ankle weights lies in their supreme comfort.  You completely forget that you are wearing them so you work out not realising the extra work you are putting in, its like some sort of brain trickery.

Warning!  There is one exception to which this genius brain trickery does not apply… tuck jumps.

Tuck jumps with even 1kg ankle weights is literally torture like no other and trying to get you knees in to your chest and your weighted down feet up to your bum feels like you have twenty tons of steel strapped to your ankles.  But if you can stomach it, the BBG bucket of sweat at the end makes it totally worth it.

SheSupps Vanilla Protein

It’s no secret how much I love SheSupps.   From their glorious glass jars, to their designer protein to their ‘motivation in a pill’ energy booster capsules. I am a Shesupps addict.

However, no matter how much I love all that stuff, the NEW vanilla flavoured protein from the muscle range, blows all those others out of the water and blows my mind at the same time.  Vanilla is my go to flavour for everything, whether its protein, ice cream, cheescake or scented candles, it’s just my favourite.  So the SheSupps vanilla protein powder has now become my favourite flavoured favourite for lack of a better term.  Mixed with just water, it’s like drinking seriously melty ice cream.  Like I drove to McDonalds , ordered a vanilla shake and tipped it into my protein shaker just for fun.  It’s honestly that good and I just can’t stop drinking it.


Kikki. K – Stationery

I just came across this Swedish company on my weekend trip to London and I am obsessed.  Beautiful stationery is my weakness. James laughs his head off because every night when I sit down to write tomorrows to do list I write the same list in 3 different notepads, just because I love stationery so much.

I digress, Kikki K do the most beautiful range of notebooks, planners, calendars, pens and papers I have ever seen.  They even have gold embossed notebooks dedicated to goal setting, dream chasing, happiness and mindfulness.  If you like to organise your household bills and receipts they have a beautifully labelled binder for everything you could imagine and my personal favourite is a book full of motivational and inspiring quotes.  I treated myself to two list making notepads. One says ‘make it happen’ and the other which is a typical to do list pad, asks me what I’m grateful for at the bottom of each page.  Can you see why I’m in love?  I use them to organise my workouts into my day, to prioritise my workload and to work out what is a ‘could do’ and what is a ‘should do’.  James got a good laugh again, watching me buy two of the same notepad and literally reading him the riot act in the shop as I pleaded all the meaningful and important reasons I needed two almost identical pads of paper haha.


Anyway, this is what I’m currently obsessed with right now.  Whats on your ‘fitlist’ that I need to check out? 







3 thoughts on “The fit list – My current obsessions

  1. Love all of your fit faves! I am also a SheSupps lover. I use the lean protein since I am all about fat loss and building muscle at the moment. I am on my 4th week of my first round of BBG and I can’t wait until I am ready to challenge myself with her ankle weights! I am also in the need of a new pair of shoes so I am definitely going to check your faves out!


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