Six things I never knew about diet and exercise.

Since becoming part of an online fitness community, I’ve met so may people and been exposed to a wealth of knowledge about health, nutrition and exercise that otherwise I absolutely would never have know.

Here are some of my favourite and unusual fitness facts that I have come across in the last year. 

  1. Water retention can take up to 10 days to go down especially after drinking alcohol. ( I was told this by a nutrition and dietetics student after I had had a particularly boozy weekend – I was complaining that 6 days later I was still weighing heavier and she informed me that water weight takes a longer to leave our body than you would think.)
  2. The more you sleep the more fat you burn – And apparently the longer you’re awake the slower your metabolism becomes as your brain attempts to preserve energy. What better reason to make sure you’re clocking those 8 hours every night?
  3. Too much cardio can actually prevent fat loss because your body will actually burn muscle for fuel.
  4. Apparently the amount you sweat during exercise is not related to the amount of calories burned. Sweat is just the body’s in built cooling mechanism and can be attributed as much to how hot a room is as it is to how hard and effective a workout was.  (On a personal note I really hope this is true, as I am not a particularly extensive sweater.  I rarely find myself pouring with sweat more just dabbing away the odd drip.  I was relieved to hear it doesn’t mean my workout was rubbish.)
  5. Dehydrated cells shrivel. So a muscle dehydrated by 3% will have a decrease in strength by 10%.  Which makes it more important than ever, to drink water before and during a workout, as well as afterwards to replenish the fluids lost through sweat?
  6. People who exercise outdoors burn more fat than those who train indoors. I don’t know what the statistic is on this but it’s good to know that those LISS sessions I spent pounding the pavements in the pouring rain, (desperately wishing I had a treadmill) were worth the effort.

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