How to feel motivated every day.

“Motivation may get you started but it takes discipline to keep you going.”

While I do agree with quote above I am still constantly looking for motivation along the way and still can’t rely just on discipline alone. I find, in my journey that actually, one can’t exist without the other.

The basic definition of motivation is “A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.”  So that’s it.  It’s just a reason to do something.  We are surrounded by things that excite us and encourage us, things we want.   So what’s your reason?

What’s your Why?

Our reasons are so powerful.  Big or small they matter a great deal.  So if you don’t want to workout that day or you really want to ditch the diet, ask your self why you are where you are? Why are you trying to eat better?  Why are you committing to a workout schedule.  In that moment of “I really don’t want to do this” remind yourself of why its important to you that you do.

To Do Lists


On a day to day basis this is by far my most self motivating tool and I’ve been utilising it more and more.  I used to just write a standard list of everyday chores I had to do and include my workout as an item I could cross off when I’ve done it.  Now every night before I go to bed I list every factor of the day to come, from my water intake to my meals to my errands.  I love to tick each element off, I get such a great feeling of satisfaction from it and even if a little blip does happen, it stops the rest of my day from spiraling out of control.  Seeing how much I accomplished that day and how close I got to my goals makes me feel super successful.



Do it FTW

Success is addictive, make your days and weeks winnable.  Small achievable goals are key when it comes to getting and staying motivated.   Try to keep these small goals less about the aesthetic and more like mini challenges you can praise your self for achieving.  Win at drinking 2 litres of water a day.  Win at doing a push up on your toes instead of on your knees. Win at meal prepping for the week.  Eventually it will turn from a challenge to a habit and it’s these good habits that will change a body for a lifetime.


Love your Activewear


I really look forward to what cute athletic outfit I’m going to wear each day.  I choose it the night before and wake up excited to put it on straight away.  If I’m excited to wear it, I’m excited to workout in it so my mindset and willingness to train automatically tunes in.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have great activewear choices that will get you out of your work clothes and into the gym.  There is a huge selection of amazing and affordable collections at places like Forever21, H&M, Primark and even Zara have now started their own highstreet activewear line. It may be materialistic motivation but dressing the part is a great incentive to get it done.

Find your Squad.

This is so important especially if (like me) you work out at home.  It’s hard to find motivation from within your own four walls.  In fact it virtually doesn’t exist.  But thanks to technology and the wonders of social networking, you have a world of supportive communities just waiting to welcome you with open arms.

We’ve all heard that getting a workout buddy means you are more likely to stay motivated.  Well thanks to the likes of Instagram and Facebook you can custom create your very own #GirlGang of very real, highly motivating friends all on the same journey towards health and fitness.  You have absolutely no excuse to feel like you are ever slogging it out on your own.  Pursue you goals, make staying motivated a priority and find a way to connect with women who will understand and support you along the way.

Some of the amazing women from all over the world that I workout with thanks to Instagram fitness communities.

The Bottom Line.

If all else fails, if it gets to 9pm at night and I still haven’t done my workout and it really is now or never. I ask myself this…

“if I don’t do today’s workout, will I feel better or worse than I do right now? Will I be able to enjoy my free time or will I just be annoyed that I bailed on my goals?”

9 times out of 10 this one question gets me into my workout and out the other side feeling like a girlboss .

In a Nutshell

The reasons I work out  and try to eat well every day are these…

  • Because I want my everyday body to be a bikini ready body.
  • Because ticking off my to do list makes me sooooo happy.
  • So that I can wear cute outfits that make me feel insanely comfy yet supremely sporty all at the same time.
  • So I can message my fit friends and tell them about my post workout high then spend half an hour talking about butt sweat and if you can see it through grey leggings.
  • So that I have no reason to go to bed feeling bad about myself for something I didn’t do.
  • So I that I actually go to bed feeling amazing and excited to win again tomorrow.


Thank you for always keeping me motivated xx


3 thoughts on “How to feel motivated every day.

  1. I love your blog, Nikki! I’m a mum of 2 and always need to keep myself motivated. I’m on year 5 of exercising and healthy living, but I know I need to hone in my nutrition which will help me see a difference. It’s so challenging with little ones and with dietary concerns!
    I’ve been reading fitness blogs for years and yours is so inspirational, current, informative and honest. Keep writing!
    Also, grey leggings and butt sweat.. 😂!


  2. I LOVE this!!! I am such a list person too! Your ‘list photo’ above is so awesome – you inspired me to write out my plan for tomorrow and now I’m feeling great! Love your blog too, thanks for your honesty and sharing all of your tips 🙂


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