The best sports bra for bad boobs.

  I’m so sorry for the title but writing it any other way just didn’t cut it.  I have bad boobs, no make that terrible boobs.   After exclusively breastfeeding two babies for 6 months each my (originally) 34D boobs shrivelled up to nothing and just left two empty sock looking sacks that need some serious … Continue reading The best sports bra for bad boobs.


Working out with limited equipment

When I began working out at home I started with very limited equipment An exercise mat A skipping rope 2 x Ikea footstools (to use a box/bench) 1 x 5kg kettlebell These 4 items got me through twenty four weeks of Kaylas Itsines BBG program and two full rounds of BBG1.0 I hope it shows … Continue reading Working out with limited equipment