Tuck jump mini challenge

Hey lovelies!

I’ve set my self a new mini challenge this week.  TUCK JUMPS

I’m pretty bad at these in general.   Being tall, long limbed, quite gangly and lanky, when I perform a tuck jump I genuinely look like someone tossed a pan of spaghetti into the air.

Anyway, I was reading up on the benefits of tuck jumps and discovered they really are the bad boy of all plyometrics.  Not only are they a complete full body move, but they are also killer calories burners too.

Normally when doing tuck jumps I swing my arms from behind me to create as much momentum as I can for the jump.  Literally propelling myself into the air in order to get my knees up to my chest.  After doing a little research on the different styles of tuck jumps, their explosive nature and what counts as good form.  I’ve set my self a little challenge this week to stop using my arms to generate more power.   Instead I am trying to keep my arms out in front of me at all times and create the whole movement from just my lower body.

In the video below I show you how I was previously performing the tuck jump followed by how I am trying to do them now.  Even on my first attempt with out using my arms you can see how much tighter and together the jump is compared to the first few flailing noodle jumps where i swing my arms first.  By removing the arms, it’s quiet clear how much more control I have over my body and how much harder everything must be working in order to control it.

I usually hate tuck jumps but this sparked a new little passion in me.  I liked the level of concentration it took, the intensity and the amount of tension I had to achieve throughout my whole body to get up in to my chest like that.

I can’t do very many jumps at this level so my challenge is to do as many consecutive tuck jumps (without using my arms) as I can, until my form fails and then try and better myself each day this week.  I did mine with ankle weights on ( mainly because i forgot to take them off after my leg workout) and it was a major burn.

If you don’t already do tuck jumps this way, let me know if you try it out – I’d love to see! You can leave me a comment below or if you put a pic or video on instagram, tag me in it and hashtag#activelychallenge

Happy tucking and jumping xx


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