The best sports bra for bad boobs.


I’m so sorry for the title but writing it any other way just didn’t cut it.  I have bad boobs, no make that terrible boobs.   After exclusively breastfeeding two babies for 6 months each my (originally) 34D boobs shrivelled up to nothing and just left two empty sock looking sacks that need some serious , tucking in, uplifting and moulding to make me feel confident about my shape and help me reconstruct the illusion of curves.

I spend most of my days in activewear.  Regardless of when my workout was, you will find me in the shops, on the school run and at the dentist in my leggings, dri-fit vest and sneakers.  So when it comes to sports bras I need something that doesn’t completely flatten me out, something that gives me good coverage and stability (I can’t handle the thought of nip slips at school or flaps of saggy skin poking out anywhere).  I need the best boob pads that money can buy.  A vital component to give me the shape and volume I want under my shirt or vest and I need the ever elusive uplift to get the “girls” back up in the general area they are meant to be, rather than where they currently reside when unsupported.

So if you too are on the post breastfeeding , “WTF happened to my boobs” struggle bus, take a seat relax and let me tell you about the best bras I have found so far, that rebuild the look of your bosom for sport.  (As this is such an important topic for me I just wanted to make sure its clear that no part of this post is sponsored – these are all bras I’ve worn out, worked out, and genuinely make me feel great).

CLEO HARPER – Oxygenta bralette

Beautiful design and construction.  Full support, even though its completely backless! It is sturdy, full coverage  yet very feminie.  Amazing built in cups, really create shape and hold you up where you want to be and the overall silhouette is completely stunning.  This one makes me feel really confident.

NIKE – Pro Indy

I have two of these and really love them. out of all the good boob boosting sports bras, these do a phenomenal job while being daintier ( not so heavy duty) having spaghetti straps and showing a little bit more skin ( and a little bit more cleavage)  it gives me a good up lift and a little bit of curve and although a lighter support bra, they do a good job keeping me up and in at the same time.

PUBLIC MYTH – Cross V Halter

If you don’t want padding but you want your boobs to look high and amazing from the front this is the bra for you.  No underwire, no padding,  just really clever design.  Super soft material combined with a cleavage enhancing halter neck  keeps the ladies lifted and well supported and doesn’t even give you neck ache when you workout.  Comes in a huge rainbow of colours so there is something to suit everyone.


Famous for their lingerie and asset enhancing bras, it’s only logical that their sports bras would be made with the same aesthetic.  I currently own two VSX sports bras. One with underwire,  one without but both with moulded cups.  The non-underwired one is ridiculously comfortable and actually gives me the best shape under a t-shirt out of all the bras I’ve talked about here. The underwired (printed) bra offers unrivalled support and keeps me up high and in place just like the normal underwear would although a little more restrictive and so the compromise is inevitably the wear all day, comfort quality.

 ADIDAS  – supernova

My personal favourite for a sporty look.  Its padded enough to give you a little ummph,  its full coverage yet still looks like a bra rather than a top.  The wide straps cross over at the neck into a keyhole design at the back,  giving me what I like to call ‘sporty cleavage’ (aka just a hint of something good, yet burpee appropriate.)  It also comes in a wide variety of prints and colours and I really hope to get a few more as they are high in quality and comfort too.


5 thoughts on “The best sports bra for bad boobs.

  1. Thanks so much for posting this hilarious and helpful post! I follow you on insta but this definitely got me to check out your blog. I have the exact same sock-like problem so for sure I will be checking some of these out! Thanks again!


  2. Oh my. I am onthe hunt for a good running bra. I am just realizing that underboob support is one thing, but that upward movement also needs to be contained somehow. I lost a lot of “fat” post pregnancy doing bbg (I could write weight, but I just don’t know), I am still breastfeeding my twins, but my breast is also shrinking, or already shrinking should I say. Disaster is gonna strike when I stop breasfeeding. I know. So thank you for the great post!


  3. This made me so happy to read! I have not had kids but after losing a bunch of weight I have less-lifted “girls”. Have you also tried any extra chest exercises to tighten them? I hear it helps but there is only so much you can do, same as extra skin anywhere else on the bod


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