June Goals

Hello June

I can’t believe we are already half way through the year! May flew by in the blink of an eye thanks to The BodyPower Expo and my trip away with James and Moo. I feel like i set off on my travels at the beginning of May and I arrived home to find it was already time to set my intentions and focus on my goals for the month of June.  It’s beyond crazy to me, how fast the time flies.

My June Goals

  • Meet the Boss

The number one priority on my list of June ambitions is to meet #BBG creator and ultimate fitspo, Kayla Itsines in person on the ‘Sweat Tour 2016’ in London.

The reason this is number one is because I missed out on the very first UK bootcamp last year because it was around the same time as my sons 10th birthday.  By the time the tour had been announced his party had already been booked for the exact same date and as I’m a ALWAYS a mum first, meeting the first lady of fitness had to be put on hold.

But this year I’m devoting June 18th to all things BBG.  BBG girls, BBG workouts and the BBG ladyboss, Kayla Itsines herself.  It’s a BBG bonanza and I literally can’t wait.

  • Clean out – Lean out.

After my weekend at BodyPower, going on holiday and being out of routine for most of the month of May I’m not quite as lean as I would like to be especially through my hips and lower back so June is my time to re focus, and re lay the foundations of my usual health and fitness schedule.  I want to get back to clean eating 90% treats 10% of the week.  I also really want to focus on my cardio elements ( LISS and HIIT) making sure that I am consistently working out in the right heart rate zone for the most efficient fat loss.  I feel like I’ve been working hard on building a little bit of muscle so I really want to reveal the small gains I’ve made by leaning out again, (but just a little). if you want to read my approach to clean eating and see what my week in food usually looks like click here.

  • Get me a ticket to the ‘Gun Show’

I really really want to improve the look of my arms and shoulders.  Over the past few months I’ve upped my weights and really tried to build strength in this area.  I’m really happy with how far I’ve come and seeing some tone and definition in my spaghetti arms has spurred me on and made me excited to see what further progress can be made.  With that said my aim for June is to up my weights again.  To possibly introduce a Barbell in to my current repertoire of equipment and to slow all the moves like commandos and pushups right down to up the intensity of the exercise

  • Get control of my fats and sugars.

At the moment my fat and sugar intake is waaaaay too high. Don’t get me wrong its healthy fats and natural sugar ( most of the time) but it’s still fat and sugar all the same.  I’m obsessed with a cup of earl grey tea and while I have managed to ditch the sugar in favour of a teaspoon of  honey, when I I’m drinking up to TEN CUPS OF TEA A DAY… those little drizzles are adding up to a huge daily sugar intake.  Similarly with peanut butter.  It’s just fine spread on my rice cakes but add in the spoonful in my porridge, the dollop I have with my apple slices and the constant extra dips into the jar that I tell myself don’t count throughout the day and I’m on very dodgy ground with the healthy fats police.  So I’m giving myself the month of June to be more mindful of my fats and sugars, for instance I will either stop sweetening my tea altogether or I will cut down to just two cups a day of tea with the added honey. If by the end of the month I still can’t get a grip on the situation I will probably look into macros although this will be a last resort as I prefer to count, weigh, or get too caught up in measuring food. But we’ll have to see how it goes.

  • Start the planning for the next BBGWales meetup.

I intend to hold the next free Welsh workout in July.  So during the month of June I really need to get organised. Get the date set, the venue booked, the event details sent out and try to spread the #BBG word to as many Welsh lovelies as possible. I’m determined to make the next event even better than the last one but it will take a lot of planning so June really needs to be time well spent.


So that’s the plan. I’m a HUGE believer in the power of setting goals, ( click here to read how and why I set goals and how I make sure I achieve them) so I feel really motivated right now.  Have you done yours yet?  What are some of your goals for June?  Also comment below if you are going to the Sweat tour so I know who to look out for – it will be so exciting to meet you in person!

Nikki xx

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2 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. I definitely haven’t written down my June goals yet, and I’ll do that today, thanks to you. Setting goals is a very good practice. It helps keep me honest. 2 of my June goals are:
    1) Writing backup blog posts for busy travel periods
    2) Connect with talented bloggers and writers
    Keep up the good work!



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