My Never Quit Home HIIT

I don’t have a treadmill. I don’t even have access to a treadmill.  I could do sprints outdoors but timing this around my baby is difficult and living in the UK with its unpredictable rainy weather makes outdoor HIIT less than preferable.

The BBG program introduces HIIT (high intensity interval training) in to your workout schedule from week 9.  I have always done my HIIT workouts at home and indoors.

Up until recently, for nearly all of my HIIT sessions I have used workouts specifically designed for the home that involve no equipment and very little space.  The ones I have most enjoyed have been posted on Instagram by lisa @islandlivingdream, Nat @fitbynati and Lisa @lisapfitness_ so go check them out for some great ideas.

However the last couple of months I’ve really struggled staying motivated for HIIT, often getting busy and purposely letting it slide.  So I had to create my own version of the HIITs I’ve used and loved that plays specifically to my personality.  Let me explain…

  • I need a HIIT workout that, although is 15 minutes continuously without breaks, feels like I am doing 3 circuits so I can compartmentalise it in my head.  I’m my least motivated looking at 15mins as a total block of time but if I (mentally) break it up into 3 x 5 minute rounds, I find it goes quickeR, keeps me focused and keeps my intensity high throughout each one.
  • I also need a HIIT that can provide me with a personal mini challenge that literally gets me to fight for every rep… otherwise I find myself getting slower and slower and slower and my all important heart rate gets lower and lower and lower.  Which is the complete opposite of what HIIT is meant to do.
  • The final thing I need my HIIT to do is be adapatable.  If I feel my self getting bored with 5 mins still to go I need to be able to quickly change it up so it feels new and the exercises are different and I feel re-motivated.

So here is my Tailor-made, couture if you, like home HIIT workout.

5 exercises.   30secs per exercise 30secs rest.  Repeat x3

Jump Lunges



Jump Squats

Snap Jumps

How to make it a challenge.

By making it a challenge to yourself you keep your intensity high.  The first time I go through the 5 exercises I count how many reps I can do of each exercise in the 30 seconds.  Then on the final 2 rounds I try and keep up with my first round scores. For example jump squats.  Let’s say in the first 5 minutes I completed 14 jump squats in 30 seconds.  The next time I perform this exercise (when I’m a little bit more tired and probably naturally wanting to slow down a bit) I aim to still make 14 squats in 30 seconds.  It doesn’t matter if I don’t achieve it but it keeps me fighting for that same high intensity, instead of giving in to my tired legs.

Beat the Boredom.

If I’m feeling bored just repeating the same 5 exercises 3 times, I can easily change it up to keep things new and interesting.  These particular exercises have been chosen because they have lots of different variations that can be easily substituted.  Here is an example of how you could make each round different.

Round 1 (minutes 1-5)

Jump lunges                                                                                       



Jump squats

Snap jumps


Round 2 (minutes 6-10)

Reverse lunge and a knee lift

Lay down burpees

Plyo pushups

In and out squats

Side to side snap jumps


Round 3 (minutes 11-15)

Walking lunges

Burpee with a tuck jump

Spider pushups

Split squats

Lay down snap jumps

I really hope this made sense because the variations you could use is almost endless!  You can make it different at the drop of a hat without interrupting your workout.  Therefore your HIIT never has to be the same workout ever again if you don’t want it to.


Anyway the point of showing you my personal home HIIT was not to get you to use my workout.  It was to encourage you to work with something that gets the most out of who YOU are as person. Think about what drives YOU and make up your own 15 minute routine that will ensure YOU NEVER QUIT during HIIT.

Don’t forget you can get some great ideas for home LISS here too!  (click here)

and if it helps you can read how I schedule all my workouts including HIIT into a normal week. Just click here.

Hope you have a great Friday

Nikki xx


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