A Coconut Affair – Scrub Love Review.

Scrub Love.

Let me just get it out there.  I don’t like coffee.  I don’t care if you blend it, freeze it, or make a cake out of it.  I just don’t like it.   But, as coffee is widely becoming known as natures most amazing exfoliator,  I was more than a little excited to try Scrub Love – Coconut affair coffee scrub.  


If you’ve been following my Blog or Instagram for any length of time, you will know how important the look and feel of my skin is to me.  I don’t have perfect skin.  I have scars and stretch-marks all over the place, so my skin needs a LOT of TLC and at this particular moment in time (thanks to my recent holiday), my skin is also dry and peeling from too much exposure to the beautiful Floridian sun.  On a positive note, my scaley, blemished skin creates the perfect opportunity to see if the hype is true – do coffee and coconuts really mean “ bye-bye dry, flaky skin.  Hello glow”?


(I’m also not ashamed to tell you, that the minute I actually saw the product, the polka dot packaging made my little heart go pitter patter and kinda made me want to re-think my relationship with coffee altogether.)

Like I said earlier, out of their three available scrubs, I got to try ‘Coconut Affair’.   You can also choose from ‘Original Lovin’ and ‘Mint Temptation’.

What’s in the bag?


Scrub Love comes in a reseal-able pack.  It is a dry body scrub, thicker than powder texture but smaller than granules.  It contains coffee (obviously), coconut oil (our favourite, most beloved, cure all, nourish you inside and out, wonder product of all time right?), coconut flakes, coconut milk powder packed with antioxidants and vitamin E and finally sugar, to put the rub in your scrub.

What do you do with it?

Scrub Love’s directions tell you to get naked, grab a handful and rub it into dry skin in a circular motion.  Leave it on for 5 minutes or as long as possible, rinse and then revel at your now “super glowy” skin.


The Verdict

Coconut affair?  Or just another bad date?

It was a GREAT first date! Followed by a whirlwind, coco-nutty love affair and here’s why….

Dry skin life saver

It tackled my UV damaged, dry and peeling skin with ease.  My skin came out of the shower feeling replenished, moisturised and supple.  I even woke up the next day with the same silky soft feeling and was ecstatic to find all my scaley, flakey skin had completely gone.  Brilliant!

Smell me

As some one who doesn’t like coffee I was worried that I would hate smelling like an espresso all day.  But the smell was amazing.  The coconut offset the strong coffee smell and it had a far more exotic and appealing aroma than I thought it would.  The application was a little bit messy (as most dry scrubs are) but who cares when you’re naked and stood in the shower right?

Got the glow

The people at Scrub Love are not lying when they say it gives you glowy skin.  You can see the second you apply the product, that the skin instantly brightens.  It gave me rosy cheeks and dewy, polished looking skin all over.  It’s like a full body halo.  You just sort of gleam afterwards.

Photoshop in a polka dot pouch

Whilst I personally believe that any improvement a scrub makes to your scars and stretch marks is temporary.  I still have to say that Scrub Love’s Coconut Affair did an excellent job of making my tummy look firmer and the scars look significantly better.  For a couple of days at least, my stretch marks appeared faded and not as deep.  Like I said, it’s not permanent and I wouldn’t expect it to be, but it definitely airbrushed a few of my flaws.  So if I was bearing all on a beach, or on holiday.  I would definitely be taking my coconuts and coffee with me to make me feel absolutely amazing before I put on my bikini. ( to read about more of my holiday essentials click here)

All in all, I was really impressed with Scrub Love.  It definitely lived up to its reputation and I have to admit, it may have awoken a secret, unknown coffee addiction that I never thought I would have.

You can check out the full range of scrubs here.



** this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other parties **



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