Transformations, Abs and Bodies after Babies. Lets catch up.

From then until now. May 2015 – June 2016

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It wasn’t until one of my readers wrote to me and asked me how long l had been doing BBG for, that I realised it’s been a while now since I updated my blog with my progress and the current state of my body after a baby.

It’s hard to accurately explain through a before and after picture such as the one above, what actually happens to your body during that time frame.

My biggest worry with these pictures, is that someone looking for encouragement and a nudge in the right direction, will see these pictures and think, ” this took over a year!” I worry they will feel overwhelmed at the idea of a year long commitment and walk away from pursuing something so worthwhile and positive.

I definitely did not start BBG or my fitness journey with a lifelong or even year long commitment in mind.  I started with the goal of completing a 12 week program that seemed to have real, proven results of significantly changing your body in under 3 months.  I hold my hands up, mentally I needed a quick fix and I needed a short term goal to focus on.  But the best bit is, that the accomplishment and sense of success from achieving that 12 week training program, changed my mind set as well as my body and allowed me to envisage a much more lifestyle orientated approach to health and fitness. Read why I started BBG here

some of my earlier progress pictures. weeks 0 to week 14 and then me at week 57

My body has definitely continued to change throughout the 58 weeks I have been dong the BBG program but I would never say its taken 58 weeks to see results, or to see abs.  I want you to feel supported and reassured that with the right tools and the right approach, change can happen much much quicker than that.

So lets take a minute and talk about abs

I get asked ALL THE TIME, how did I get abs?  What specifically did I do to tone up my stomach?  How many times a week do I train abdominals?

I can only speak from own experience, but my here are my thoughts on toning up that tummy.

  • You cannot spot reduce or tone up one specific area of your body , be it your stomach, your bum or your legs.  You have to work on your body as a whole and that means dropping body fat all over and building muscle all over.
  • Doing 2000 crunches a day will not get you a visibly toned tum if you still have a layer of fat covering it, so the first thing you need to get under control is your diet and nutrition.
  • Abs really are made in the kitchen.

My personal experience with a lean and defined stomach area took place in three stages.

Stage 1 – Healthy eating, 8 weeks of Kayla Itsines BBG training and lots of (fat burning) power walking.  I was breastfeeding for the first 8 weeks of BBG so that meant keeping my calories up, over 2000 per day so that my milk supply wasn’t affected.  I was still able to lose weight by healthy eating and exercise and I think that walking nearly everyday, really helped my body concentrate of fat loss, at this time.

Stage 2 –  Clean up, lean up.  Once I had finished breastfeeding my now 6 month old, I was able to really refocus my diet and that meant my first foray into clean eating.  My ‘version’ of clean eating was to ditch anything with sugar as an added ingredient, to stop eating processed food and to roughly make sure I was in a calorie deficit every day. (I say roughly because I didn’t actually count calories, I was just mindful about portion sizes, fats and sugars etc) click to read more about my version of clean eating.

This leaned out my midsection in particular, quickly.  In fact I was so impressed with the results from clean eating, I even posted a picture on instagram showing the difference I felt in my stomach after only two weeks.  It really was the biggest contributing factor to revealing my abs.

The picture from instagram. The differences may only be small, but to me I could really feel how quickly I was leaning out.

Stage 3 – Where I am now.  Stage 3 is about building better muscles including my abdominals.  When you gain a lot of weight (ie:pregnancy) and then lose a lot of weight, you may face the issue of loose or excess skin. while there is no quick fix to this and your skin is inevitably just your skin.  You can make it look significantly better by replacing the fat that was lost, with lean muscle and that is exactly where I find myself now. (how to tighten up lose skin click here) 

Body after baby – A year in the making

So here is a better look at how my body changed or stayed the same (quite often during the last 6 months) over the course of a whole year.


Its not a perfect journey or a perfect body, but I’m proud of every picture none the less.

my weight over the year.

I started in May at 138lbs.  By September I was at my lowest weight of 123lb.  I steadily put on weight, along with muscle (I hope) and in January, although my dress size had not changed, I weighed in at 133lbs.  Just 5lbs less than when I started, but now an entirely different body shape.  Right now, 5 months later..  I’m just shy of that same weight, weighing one measly pound less at 132lbs.

I’m happy though.   I’m successfully maintaining what I worked for and comfortable with all those once stressful statistics.

what I’m working for now.

I’ve definitely reached a size I feel comfortable at.  I really have no desire to be any smaller, or to lose any weight.  I am however still slowly but surely, trying to build muscle and do so from the comfort of my own home and with what I have available.  I don’t have much in the way of equipment, or weights, but I wholeheartedly believe building muscle is still realistically achievable in this home environment and by doing BBG alone.  I guess only time will tell but I’m excited to prove myself right!

It’s important to me, that you all know that this last year, I have only used Kayla Itsines BBG training guide.   I’ve done no extra classes, no extra lifting, no running, no extra ab days.  I just continue to do, exactly what my app tells me to do, when it tells me to do it.  I want you to be able to believe in it and trust the process.  Doubt often leads to loss of motivation and possibly gives power to the ever present question of quitting.   So don’t let it.  Stay the course.

What round of BBG am I currently on?

So far I have completed

  • 2 x rounds of BBG 1.0 (PDF)
  • 1 x round of BBG 2.0 (PDF)
  • 1 x round of BBG 3.0 ( SweatWithKayla app)

After 12 weeks of BBG 3.0 the app just continues with you, and rolls on week after week  – So I have just finished Week 47 on the app.  Which makes 59 complete weeks of BBG for me (as I repeated weeks 1-12 twice)

I plan to continue with the coaching platform that is the sweatwithKayla app for as long as it keeps me and my body happy and healthy, which I imagine will be for the forseeable future.


Thats it I think!  Thanks for letting me catch you up.

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Now it’s your turn to catch me up!  Let me know what you are up to, are you just starting out or are you a year down the line, like me. Leave me a comment, I want to know!  Also nearly all of this post came from the questions a lot of you have written to me about.  So if there is anything else you want answered, just leave it in the comments and I’ll get on to it, either personally or in a post. xxxxx




24 thoughts on “Transformations, Abs and Bodies after Babies. Lets catch up.

  1. Thank you for this! I am in Week 22 (completing my second round of BBG 1.0). However, I have been frustrated by my lack of results. After reading your post I realize the major component I am missing is healthy eating. Thank you! Instagram: laurenjane_fit


  2. Amazing progress! Just started BBG this week 🙂 it’s so inspiring that your weight is not far from where you started at, when your body has changed a whole lot!! May I ask how many centimeters you are ? :)) keep up the good work 🙂 hugs



    1. Hi Frida, thank you so much. i’m not sure if you are taking about my height or my waistline, i’m 5ft 7 tall which i think is about 170 cms i havent done my waist measurements in a while but when i do i’ll be sure to update them here xxx


  3. Thank you so much for that info! So cool to read, and so encouraging. I am week3 BBG1. I am worried about the eating side of things, do you ever treat yourself or do you have any tips for clean eating on a budget?! Thanks!


    1. i treat myself all the time and of course i have slip ups. check out my article ‘how to recover from an easter binge’ in which i explain how i move on from a big slip. and if you look at my food diary in the post ‘what i eat in a week’, it will show the kind of meals i eat regularly and reassure you that everything i buy is just regularly budget friendly food from the supermarket xxx


  4. I only checked out your blog about a two weeks ago (following you on IG) and I just want to say thank you for all your informative blog posts. Your food diary is really easy and I’m going to attempt to follow it where possible. I’m on week 15 (first time BBG) and results are slow (which isn’t really an issue for me) but I know it’s because of my eating habits. I really have to sit down and wrap my head around this to make sure what I put in is going to give the best results. Your blog is very inspiring and motivating! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.


  5. This is so inspiring! I don’t have kids but I can’t imagine doing it all! Amazing job 🙂 Just a quick question- I am currently doing BBG as well and I was thinking about getting the sweat with kayla app once I am done with 12 weeks( I am currently using a PDF). For the app, if I want to continue on week 13-will it make me restart BBG 1.0 or can I specify what week I am on? Thanks again for all your advice!


  6. Hi! You are so inspire! Congrats for you amazing results! I love your blog, I’m recently follow you and read all your post! I just start the BBG program (PDF) I am in second week now and I have so many questions! especially because now I’m breastfeeding my baby full time and I am so hungry all the time!
    (You understand me) My baby is now five
    months and I decided to breastfeeding him for others six months .
    I’m afraid not eating clean to make my goals. I saw so many post about what other moms eat in a day and I really noticed that my portions are much bigger than the others !! Hehe I do not really know what to do! I
    I am no friend to count calories but I think i’m eating 2200 calories per day and try eat very healthy but also very large portions too!!! I love if you can give me some tips about food during your breastfeeding.

    Thanks and sorry for my English, I’m Swedish


  7. Hello! I’m currently pregnant and thinking of doing the BBG programme once the baby is here in September. Would you recommend starting straight off with the app or doing the 12 week programme initially and then moving onto the app? Not sure what would be the best option! I currently go to the gym, so am in ok shape, did you work out before your last pregancy? I just read your post about your first work outs post birth!! Thanks so much, really pleased I’ve found your blog 🙂 xxx


    1. Hi I am currently pregnant too due in Dec and wanted to do and know the same things let me know how you get on and what you did I have no idea where to start with this BBG stuff.
      Can I also ask where you are from? I am uk, not sure we can access here.


    1. Hi kristy, you really need to get advice from a doctor or physio as I would hate to aggravate your injury by giving you potentially bad advice. For me if I experience any knee pain, I do reverse lunges instead of jump lunges and regular squats instead of jump squats – tuck jumps i would just squat and then push up on to tips toes (again removing the jump) for other ones like burpees I would probably maybe substitute in for a weighted stationery shoulder exercise and for something like X hops I would do a weighted oblique exercise like wood chops… However without knowing anything about your injury and being completely unqualified I suggest you get some professional advice before you continue xxxx good luck xxx


  8. Hi! I’m a follower of your insta and love following your progress and success story! You’re a great inspiration and gave me motivation to start BBG and keep pushing through. I’m 3 months postpartum and breastfeeding exclusively. I’ve just completed the 4 weeks of pre-training but still struggle with moves, mainly push-ups and straight leg sit ups! Would you suggest moving forward with week 1 or repeat pre-training until I’m more able to do these moves? Also, did you struggle with straight leg situps in the beginning? If so, how did you modify?
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!


    1. Hi Katie, yes absolutely move forward… You’ve completed pre-training and that’s AMAZING don’t hold yourself back now!!! Just carry on and modify what you need to. I couldn’t do any sit-ups at all so I just did crunches until I could finally lift my body of the floor for a sit up. Always try the hard version first before you modify, because one day you’ll actually be able to do it and you never would have known if you didn’t try first off xxx good luck


  9. sorry if this is too personal but I’m really
    Curious about how your breasts have held up. What changes did they go through for you?


  10. Helli, I stubble upon your post on Pinterest. I’m going to have to look you up on Instagram. Where can I find more info on BBG and what does it stand for?


  11. Sorry hun but you looked just as good if not better with your baby ‘baggage’ you should not have to reach goals that diminish your mummy loveliness


  12. hi.. i just read your post and i’m really inspired… i want to know from where u take the first bbg routines or if everyones are from kayla… thanks… im from mexico, sorry if i don’t write so well lol


  13. This is exactly the post I needed to read! I just lost weight over the course of several months by working out and eating healthier but am now dealing with the saggy skin and having lost in areas I really didn’t want to lose…. any suggestions for building that back up? I love how I feel and look but now need to work on building muscle.


  14. Thanks for the informative and inspiring post! It must have taken a lot of commitment and dedication to see results so quickly! I do have a question though. In total, how much did you spend on the BBG programmes?


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