Vlog: Where I workout

Last week one of my lovely instagram followers asked me if I could show you where I workout?  How much space I have and what my set-up is?

I loved this idea and truthfully was totally thrilled and flattered that someone wanted to see a little bit more behind the scenes stuff, rather than just my usual activewear selfies haha!

I decided it would be much easier to show you this little glimpse of my home life on a video rather than photographs and hopefully it will make you feel like you came over for natter with me and got to check out how Maddie and I co-exist in the once dining room, now toddler activity center, while you were here.

It’s only 6 mins long, so short and sweet.  Hopefully it’s not too awkward and my editing isn’t totally crap.

I’m always open to ideas about what you lovely people would like to see from me so leave any thoughts in the comments below.

love Nikki xx


5 thoughts on “Vlog: Where I workout

    1. Do you do BBG too? I am also from the uk and have been looking at this program for ages but as far as I could see I thought uk couldn’t access it. I was also interested in 21 day fix but again don’t think uk can do it!!!


  1. Hello
    Nice to see your blog And everything about you and the place where you workout… 😀
    I just would like to be sure to understand right… You don’t use weight on your ankles ? Thanks for your answer, I aleady asked on your insta but didn’t get any answer… 😟
    Looking forward to hearing from you 😘


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