Update : My BBG workout schedule

Hey lovelies!

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of switching things up to create as much opportunity for change and growth as possible and to mentally keep things fresh and interesting.  That being said, I’m not about to abandon my BBG in favour of something new because ….well… BBG just works and it suits my life with my family and…. i just enjoy it.

I personally don’t believe you need to make big changes or switch fitness programs to keep things interesting.  Small changes can be just as stimulating when it comes reviving your routine and stopping your body a from just going through the motions.

I’ve been on a real quest this last 3 months to make small improvements to my usual routine in order to push myself on a little further with my strength goals and my aesthetics goals.
Most of my tweaks so far, have come from the nutrition side, mainly controlling my (overuse of) natural sugars such as honey and healthy fats such as peanut butter. Increasing my protein at every meal serving and drinking more water.

you can see my typical day in food here.

read some easy ways to incorporate more protein in your diet here.

Now its time to switch up my activity just a little.  I’m not ready to up my weights yet so the changes will come from the schedule itself.

you can see my original workout week here

Starting last week and for the next couple of months I am adding in  more HIIT, doing a little less LISS and will do (only) 3 BBG resistance workouts each week.  That means probably no challenges and definitely no 4th resistance sessions, even if the app tells me to do it. (Btw, this is not me telling you to do the same, this is personal to me and how the app works with my life and my schedule.)

BBG just fits in with my life better with 3 resistance and a good mix of cardio elements, when I do 4 resistance sessions ( or 3 resistance and a challenge) I struggle to fit it all in, I get overly tired and I don’t perform as well during the week as I do when it’s just three.  I personally get the most out of my workouts and my schedule when I am doing 3 BBG resistance days.

So here’s my current workout week

Monday – RESISTANCE.  Legs (BBG guide 28min home workout)

                   LISS  ( 40min dog walk with Maddie in the baby carrier)

Tuesday  – HIIT  15 minutes (skipping 30 seconds on 30 seconds off)

WednedsayRESISTANCE.  Arms (BBG guide28 min home workout)

Thursday – HIIT 15 minutes. (my never quit home HIIT workout)

                     LISS (40 min evening dog walk without Maddie)

FridayRESISTANCE.  Abs (BBG guide 28 min home workout)

SaturdayHIIT  15 minute (skipping 30 seconds on 30 seconds off)

                    REHABILITATION (stretching)

Sunday – REST day.

If life gets busy and I think I might not have time to complete everything I have planned for the week.  I complete all my resistance as a priority and will take out one LISS and one HIIT if I need to ( usually Monday LISS and Saturday HIIT would be my choice to leave out)

Oh and it’s worth noting that the only reason I am incorporating more HIIT at the moment is for a change.  I’m having great fun at the moment, improving my skipping and I love seeing how high I can get my heart rate to go, by how quick I can skip.  So it’s purely a change for enjoyment rather than science.


Anyway, gotta go and be mum again now.  Hope this helps some of you figure out, or switch up your own workout schedules

Nikki xx


6 thoughts on “Update : My BBG workout schedule

  1. Dear Nikki, a great idea to use skipping as HIIT training! I guess I’ll try that when I finally come to the last weeks of BBG 1. Thanks a lot to you for your blog!! You’re really motivating me!!
    Greetings from Germany,


  2. Nikki love your post and your Insta stories! Keep posting. You are so real and it’s very refreshing. 🙂 Also, started doing skipping as my HIIT workouts as well and loving it so far! cheers!


  3. Hi! I have been trying to figure out how BBG works. After the 12 weeks are up do you then start over at week 1? Or do you keep buying new BBG programs?


    1. Hi! From my personal experience and what i’ve seen on other BBG journeys is that you can do whatever you prefer! What I mean by that is that there is always a way to push yourself harder and challenge yourself, if you don’t want to buy the guides again (or you don’t think you’re ready for the next challenge i.e BBG 2). So, you can repeat starting week 1 and just set new goals and intentions for that round! 🙂

      In my case, I completed the first 12wks and I knew I could push myself harder, so I decided to repeat the BBG 1 guide. Currently, I’m on week 8 of my second round and I think after I’m done with the 12wks, I’m finally ready for the next challenge and will buy the BBG 2 guides. (Also, I’ll most likely repeat BBG 2 and see how I feel from there! – and maybe start paying for the app) Hope my experience helps!

      Can’t wait to see what Nikki suggests 🙂


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