Update : My BBG workout schedule

Hey lovelies! As most of you know, I'm a big fan of switching things up to create as much opportunity for change and growth as possible and to mentally keep things fresh and interesting.  That being said, I'm not about to abandon my BBG in favour of something new because ....well... BBG just works and … Continue reading Update : My BBG workout schedule


Vlog: Where I workout

Last week one of my lovely instagram followers asked me if I could show you where I workout?  How much space I have and what my set-up is? I loved this idea and truthfully was totally thrilled and flattered that someone wanted to see a little bit more behind the scenes stuff, rather than just … Continue reading Vlog: Where I workout

Transformations, Abs and Bodies after Babies. Lets catch up.

Follow me on Instagram @activelyrees for daily tips on how to get the most out of working out at home. It wasn't until one of my readers wrote to me and asked me how long l had been doing BBG for, that I realised it's been a while now since I updated my blog with my … Continue reading Transformations, Abs and Bodies after Babies. Lets catch up.