I’m Engaged!

I had absolutely no idea James was going to propose.  Looking back now, I can see a million little clues in the lead up to that day, that all make sense now…  like James having to go into the office "to work" on the Saturday before we left for the airport. (He was picking up … Continue reading I’m Engaged!


Vlog: Where I workout

Last week one of my lovely instagram followers asked me if I could show you where I workout?  How much space I have and what my set-up is? I loved this idea and truthfully was totally thrilled and flattered that someone wanted to see a little bit more behind the scenes stuff, rather than just … Continue reading Vlog: Where I workout

How to Recover from an Easter Binge

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just spent 3 days at the all you can eat sugar buffet.  I was the food fanatic queuing up with my plate to get a side of chicken Korma with my chocolate. My Easter weekend consisted of… Steak and chips, brownies, ginger butter cream cupcakes, dark chocolate Easter … Continue reading How to Recover from an Easter Binge

Missed workouts. When to stop, start or start over.

  Did you miss a workout? Or have you missed a week? Lets talk about how you come back from a break. I’ve been asked recently what I would do if I missed a workout?  Would I continue on regardless, or would I redo the whole week from the beginning. Similarly I have also been … Continue reading Missed workouts. When to stop, start or start over.

Why I Started… its a long story.

As you may Know, I have Crohn's disease, which usually means I have to cut out dairy, be careful with known irritants like gluten, spicy food and thick skinned veggies.  However being pregnant gave me magic hormones, which made me symptom free and put my Crohns disease completely in remission. For the first time in … Continue reading Why I Started… its a long story.