What workout program do I do?

I started with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide e-book available from http://www.kaylaitsines.com/guides.  I now use her guide through the SweatWithKayla app for IOS which can be found on the app store.


Do I follow Kaylas nutrition plan?

No. I use it for reference and guidance but I practice my own version of balance and clean eating and allow myself a small portion of the week to eat whatever I like. You can read my guidelines for clean eating and what I eat in a week  here.


How tall am I?

Just over 5’7 which is around 172cm


How much did I weigh at the beginning?

At 4 months post partum I was 9st 12lbs or 63kg


How much do I weigh now?

I rarely weigh myself anymore as I prefer to go by how I feel in my clothes and by my progress pictures.  But the last time I checked it was 9st or 57kg


What do I do for LISS (low intensity steady state cardio)?

At least three times per week I walk outdoors with my dog and baby, for around 40 minutes.


What do i Do for HIIT (high intensity interval training)?

I do all my HIIT workouts indoors, at home, without any equipment.  I do it for 15 mins once per week and I use a variety of different workouts posted on instagram and created by Lisa @islandlivingdream click here for a link to her page.


Do I use a gym?

No. I do all my workouts at home in my dining room, or I’m walking outdoors.


What equipment do I use at home?

I have a pair of 4kg dumbbells, a skipping rope, an exercise mat and I use a dining room chair or an old ikea footstool as a step/bench.


Did I breastfeed during this program?

Yes. I was exclusively breastfeeding for the first 8 weeks ( my baby was then nearly 6 months old) I didn’t diet during this time but I tried to eat nutritious food but keep my calories up around 2000 per day and my milk supply was not affected.


How long before I started to see results?

At the end of week 5 was the first time I saw a difference, up until then my waistline seemed to fluctuate every week.